Get Excited For EDX!

It’s July and more importantly, it’s only 2 days until EDX!


For those of you who don’t know, Electronic Dance Xposed (EDX) is a rave that has been held in Kingston, Jamaica since 2013. The event has been a top quality production since inception and it came back with Borgeous gracing the stage the following year after winning the Ultra Black Tie Award for Best New Event of 2013.

While I was in Atlanta for TomorrowWorld last September, I remember getting a lot of questions about what the EDM scene is like in Jamaica and I had to explain that while EDM has exploded across the US over the last few years, Jamaica has been a bit slow in catching on to the craze. Each time that I had that conversation I always found myself  taking about EDX and how they’re helping to pave the way for EDM on the island. As you can probably tell, I have high hopes for this event. Back in 2005, Tomorrowland started as a small one day event in Belgium and it is now one of the most notable music festivals in the world so who knows what EDX will become in a few years?

I can’t wait until Saturday to see what surprised EDX has in store this time. If you aren’t already excited then let me tell you why you should be!


EDX differentiates itself from the other thousands of parties held in Jamaica by being truly about EDM. I’ve been to tons of parties that try to use EDM as a selling point and end up only playing Animals and Hopeless Place for the entire night!

People unfamiliar to  EDM may think that it all sounds kind of like noise but there is actually a multitude of sub-genres within EDM and EDX has found a good balance so that both EDM enthusiasts and newbies are happy. Even if you’re an enthusiasts, it’s still very likely that you’ll discover a new artist that you’ll like. I’d never heard any of  tyDi’s music before EDX but I’ve become a fan since. I’m hoping the same with happen for KimKat after I see them this weekend.

EDX also featured a range of local talent such as Tofte and Shane ‘Firestarter’ Graham and allows them to showcase their skills.



I personally believe that less is more, especially when it’s so hot out but if you’d rather dress up…in a Mau5 head, you can do that too. At EDX you can dress and be whoever you would like…just do you, no judgement.


This may not seem like a big deal since most parties in Jamaica are drinks inclusive these days but after paying $8 per drink when I went clubbing in San Francisco recently, I have a whole new appreciation for it. With Appleton Estate sponsoring EDX, you’ll have enough rum to keep you dancing until sunrise! Please remember to drink responsibly though.



The EDX team puts incredible amounts of time and effort into the stage every year. If those lights aren’t enough for you, don’t worry there’s tons of backup, even the dancers are all lite up. It is so appropriate that EDX is being held on the 4th of July this year because you won’t find a better display of fireworks on Saturday unless you’re actually in the U.S.


Last but definitely not least, one of the reasons why I love EDX so much is because of the team behind it.  You can tell that they are genuinely passionate about EDM and put a lot of work into making this a quality production. They keep their social media follower engaged throughout the year, not just when it’s EDX time. I know that whenever ULTRA rolls around I’ll find @edxjamaica in my mentions with #ULTRALIVE tweets. Keep you the good work guys! All the Kandis for you!

I hope everyone is as excited as I am for the return of tyDi and Lema!

See you all on Saturday!

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    cool stuff haven’t been pulled into EDX yet but maybe one day…who knows….