I like to think of myself as a good cup of yuanyang.

Yuanyang is a coffee and tea mixture that is wildly popular in Hong Kong. As simple as it sounds, it is a rather complex drink as it leaves one’s palate trying to differentiate the aromatic coffee from the delicately sweet tea profiles. Living on the small Caribbean island of Jamaica and growing up in a traditional Chinese family, I’ve spent a great deal of time searching for a middle ground in a society I’ve grown to identify with but exist in as a outsider, thus creating a unconventional and oddly appealing mix of two cultures.

I suffer from a serious case of Type A personality and mild delusional disorder. I graduated Hogwarts with first class honours in getting sh*t done with a minor in sarcasm. Seriously, I’m magical…ask any of my friends. I once aspired to know a little about a lot but in the process I’ve actually come to know a lot about a lot.  You’ll find me ranting and raving about anything from world news to celebrity gossip, historical facts to EDM, tech trends to TV shows, Tolstoy to Disney or  DIY goodies to Apple rumors. I also love hand-written notes, naps, short walks to my fridge and planning my next vacation.

  • Carol