Transience of a Quarter-life Crisis

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a stickler for time. I find that people often overlook how important,  complicated and abstract the concept of time is. It seems to fly by when we’re having fun, slow down when things get difficult and it can be so subtle that we only notice it when it has already passed. Whether you believe that absolute time and space are real or that time is just an idealist concept, an ongoing point of reference, the universally accepted truth about time is that it makes up our lives and we have little control over it.   

Musee d'Orsay clock

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X² : EDX Doubles Up

Remember my post from last year where I said I have high expectations for EDX?

Well…EDX is back for a 4th staging and it’s doubling up with X². This time instead of one unforgettable night, X² will take over Grizzly’s Plantation Cove for a full day on July 2nd with its impressive lineup.
EDX 2016 Flyer

With a mix of local and international DJs and artistes, there’ll definitely be something for everybody. Beach Soca Fusion, the daytime beach party of X², will feature familiar acts like the Queen of Soca, Alison Hinds, Richie Ras and Narity, just to name few. From 10 p.m. onwards, the EDX Mainstage is going to get lit with EDX’s signature fireworks and an electric range of DJs that illustrates the diversity of EDM. Continue reading

876 Life: Paradise Lost, Ocho Rios

We all have that one friend who moves away from home but it seems like they never quite left because almost every other weekend you’d get a call saying “I’m home, pick me up at the airport.” These calls used to happen far too often but since we’ve graduated from college, adulting has turned these spontaneous trips into a distant memory. So you can imagine how shocked I was when I got a call last week saying “I just booked a plane ticket home…well not a ticket, six tickets. I’m bringing some friends down for Spring Break.”

I wish I could tell you that my friend is coming back to Jamaica because he misses home and all the wonderful friends that he hasn’t seen for almost four years but no, it took something much greater to inspire this trip. A few months ago in my post about EDX, I had touched on the subject of EDM in Jamaica; well this March, Jamaica will be hosting its first major EDM festival, Paradise Lost. From March 10-12, Grizzly’s Plantation Cove in Ocho Rios will be graced by headliners Tiësto and the bass god, Bassnectar. The festival will not only feature  EDM acts but also some local legends such as King Jammy. Continue reading

Hello Quarter-life Crisis

Quarter life crisis

Typically around my birthday, I find myself retreating and getting all wrapped up in nostalgia. I would look back on the past year and start overanalyzing every decision I’ve made and beat myself up over what I consider to be my shortcomings. Sometimes it results in nothing but a trip down memory lane but there have been instances where it became a full existential crisis.

25 is one of those milestone ages. Half way through your twenties, there is no longer any doubt that you’re an adult, or at least you’re supposed to be. People generally expect you to have achieved something by now and have your priorities straight. Continue reading